Beef, Pork & Lamb Slaughter
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Ask About the Benefits to Cutting With Castonguay Meats

When you choose to slaughter your beef, pork, or lamb with Castonguay Meats, you may be curious about the process, price, and environmental impact of trusting your animal to us. Ever since our business began in 1982, the Castonguay family and our staff have been committed to nothing less than the most humane treatment of your animals. We also take special precautions to make sure you receive the same animal you raised when the process is complete. During this two-week process, your meat will be smoked on-site, where they will smoke the meat with hickory and a brown sugar cure. It is then returned to us and returned to you.

It is also our commitment that the remains of your animal will not go to waste. They will become part of a natural compost that is mixed with natural vegetation and horse manure, which is produced over the course of a year. If you have any additional questions about our cutting process or the economic impact to sending your animal to Castonguay Meats, please feel free to call us at (207) 897-4989 or contact us online.

Animals We Slaughter & Prices

At Castonguay Meats, we are proud to humanely slaughter beef, pork, sheep, and goats, and process the meat for you. You raised the animal, so you deserve to reap the benefits. Please be aware that we do not process poultry, moose, or deer.
If you have any questions about our pricing or our ethical mission, please feel free to visit our team in Livermore, ME, and we will be happy to discuss it with you. In general, our slaughtering prices are as follows:


Slaughter & Disposal Under 800 lbs. - $94.00
Slaughter & Disposal Over 800 lbs. - $125.00
Cut & Wrap - 88¢ per lb.
Slaughter Only W/T Stipulation - $125.00

Sheep & Goats:

$94.00 each under 60 lbs.
$104.00 each over 60 lbs.
$120.00 over 100 lbs. $78.00 for slaughtering


Slaughter & Disposal Under 350 lbs. - $68.00
Slaughter & Disposal Over 350 lbs. - $89.00
Cut & Wrap - 73¢ per lb.
Sausage - $6.25 per pig
Smoking - $1.35 per lb.
Bacon Slicing - 52¢ per lb.
Roasted - $78.00
Quartered - $99.00