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Beef, Pork, Lamb Cutting and More for Androscoggin County, ME

Welcome to Castonguay Meats in Livermore, ME! For nearly 40 years, our family-owned business has been slaughtering, processing, and customizing delicious meats from beef, pork, and lambs for Androscoggin County residents. We fully appreciate how much work you put into your animals, so we put forth the same level of care when we prepare your beef, pork, or lamb for home use.
We are always committed to treating your animals in the most humane way, and would be happy to answer any of your questions about our slaughtering and processing procedures. If you have any question about this, or any other concerns with our business, call Castonguay Meats at (207) 897-4989 or contact us online.

Meat Retail and Other Services at Castonguay Meats

In addition to slaughtering, we also have an excellent meat retail service that provides delicious fresh or frozen meats to Maine residents. Since 2012, we have been serving USDA certified meats, and have grown every year since! Whether you are looking for fresh beef, poultry, pork, or lamb, or any of our other items such as homemade butter, french fries, onions, and mozzarella sticks, Castonguay Meats is here for you. If you are looking for a large quantity of our meats and other products, we also offer specialty freezer packages for all kinds of taste buds.
If you are looking to try some of our quality fresh meats, bring an animal in for slaughter, or check out some freezer packages that will last you for years to come, talk to Castonguay Meats!

We are happy to answer any of your questions about:

Beef Cutting

Beef Cutting
Beef Cutting Directions
Min Steak
Cube Steak
Soup Bones
Dog Bone
Ground Beef

Pork Cutting

Beef Cutting
Pork Cutting Directions
Shoulders (Fresh)
Shoulders (Smoked)
Liver Heart Tongue

Lamb Cutting

Beef Cutting
Lamb Cutting Directions
Leg cut


June Meat Package

4 lbs. Ground Beef

2 Sirloin Strip Steaks

1 lb. Hamburger Patties

1 lb. Bacon Burger Patties

2 lbs. Hot Dogs

4 lbs. Chicken Breast

5 lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters

2 lbs. Country Ribs

1 lb. Ham Steak

1 lb. Breakfast Ham


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