Tell Us How to Cut Your
Beef, Pork & Lamb

Beef Cutting Instructions

When you bring your prized cow to Castonguay Meat for slaughter, we believe that you should fully reap the benefits of your labor. Our experienced staff is committed to processing your animal exactly how you would like. For everything from the thickness of your steak to the size and amount of your roast, we can customize your beef to your exact preference. For everything to beef for a succulent stew for a family dinner to ground beef for a delicious burger cookout this summer, we package and process your meat exactly how you like it.
You can also request bones for soup or your dogs, and even organs like liver, tongue, or heart. For any questions about beef cutting, call Castonguay Meats at (207) 897-4989 or contact us online, or you can fill out one of our beef cutting instruction forms to bring in, by clicking here.

Pork Cutting Requests

There are many benefits to bringing your pig to Castonguay Meats, but one of the greatest of these is the ability to customize your pork. You can choose the quantity and thickness of your pork chops, as well as the size of your roast and country ribs. In terms of ham, you can choose whether you want steak, smoked, or freshly sliced. Speaking of smoking and slicing, those are two of your options for pork shoulders, as well as a roast option. The options are limitless, from everything to the type of sausage and thickness of bacon for your breakfast to your preference of liver, heart and tongue as part of your package. For the pork cutting instruction form, click here!

Lamb Cutting Options

Just like with beef and pork, you also have a great deal of control over your lamb’s processing. You have the choice between ground lamb or lamb sausage, as well as the thickness of your lamb chops, and so much more. You also have the option for lamb stew, lamb ribs, and whether you want your lamb’s shoulder to be chopped or roasted.
You also have the choice of having your lamb’s leg whole, halved, or as steak. Regardless of your meat, the options are limitless! For any questions, call our experienced staff, or click here to bring up the lamb cutting instruction form.